Healing Power of Nature

About La Naturess

We offer a vast variety of natural health products for your better health

Welcome to La Naturess! My name is Tanya Qader, and I am the founder of La Naturess, a place you find natural products or remedies for your better health. My background is in IT security, but I always had a desire to become an entrepreneur, and with that desire, I started this business in July 2016. I pitched the idea of natural products to my school (UOIT), and got encouraged to take part in their incubator course for entrepreneurship. Furthermore, I won the David Simmon Entrepreneurship award from UOIT as a young entrepreneur.

My mission is to bring back the natural products or remedies that have been in use for centuries as traditional medicine or supplements in today’s lifestyle. La Naturess stocks natural products including Himalayan salt products such as

salt lamps, salt barbeque block, salt licks, bathing salt; gemstone pendants, and Himalayan heating pad for hot & cold therapies.

With La Naturess, I hope to share my experience and research on health products and inspire people to connect back to mother nature. I believe the more we live close to nature the healthier and happier we will be because we are a part of this nature.

Our commitment

We work in close collaboration with suppliers and ensure the workers are provided fair wages and do not use child labor. We Import Himalayan salt from Pakistan’s biggest salt mine in Khewra which is under Pakistan’s mineral development corporation and offer medical care, community support and ensure environmental sustainability.

Core values

We started as a small company with simple core values:
1. Provide high-quality natural products
2. Build new herbal products suited for people’s symptoms and needs
3. Share our experiences and research
4. Learn every day
5. Be professional and friendly to our customers

Our Brand objectives and mission

Our mission is to provide the best quality natural products and sincere business commitment to our customers. We aim to provide a life-changing experience and better health to our customers. Customers satisfaction and health is our prime mission.

Brand Personality and Purpose

La Naturess carries brand personality dimensions such as sincerity towards its customers, competent, responsible, efficient and dependable. Some of the core values we carry as a brand is being environmentally friendly, educated, knowledgeable, and reliable.

La Naturess purpose is to engage natural health product lovers community and the community in health and wellness industry to inform them about new natural health products. The brand is motivated to carry research and bring high-quality natural products keeping the customers need in mind.

Why choose La Naturess over other health brands:

1. Save on your purchase and shipping

At La Naturess, you will find a majority of health product at a very affordable price. We also offer free shipping, seasonal discount and available gift voucher with your purchase.
You can explore the website and visit our terms and conditions page for more information on our returns and shipping policy.

2. Useful article and tips from customer

As a brand, we do not only sell the natural health product but also provide a product based research article. These articles are posted on our blog page. In addition, customer reviews are also provided to help you make a smarter decision.