Benefits of Heating Pad

Benefits of Heating Pad

1. Moist Heat Therapy

The body absorbs moist warm temperature faster than the dry temperature, and therefore, penetrates deeper into the skin, promoting faster pain relief. Moist heat is shown to penetrate almost 3o times better than dry heat, which means heat penetrates deeper into sore and painful areas that dry heat cannot reach. The moist warmth boosts blood flow to strained back or neck and relaxes muscles. Furthermore, it also increases blood circulation to brings oxygen with nutrients needed to heal the injured area and moreover take away the toxins from that region.

The Himalayan salt pad offers moist heat through water and salt steam. This type of heat is right to ease joints pain, stiff muscles, soreness, and arthritis. There are other forms of moist warm temperature treatment including hot baths and steamed towels.

On the other hand, all electric pads and saunas are used for dry heat, which draws out moisture from the skin and causes irritation.

2. Release Negative Ions

Negative ions – Himalayan salt releases negative ions when heated and naturally found near the forest, beaches, and waterfalls. These negative ions reach the bloodstream and produce a biochemical reaction to relieve stress, alleviate depression, boost energy and increase defense against infection. The negatively loaded anions improve health and mood. Therefore, inhaling these particles may reduce mucus and inflammation in lungs, improve respiratory conditions including, bronchitis, asthma, and sinus congestion. Further benefits of a heating pad include purifying the air and avoid respiratory illnesses and other health problems.

Positive ions – All electronics surrounding us including the electric hot pads release positive atoms. Any environment with excess positively charged anions is demonstrated to have an adverse effect on the body. These anions are small carbon dioxide molecules which enter your bloodstream from the air you breathe and negatively affect your immune system.

3. Recover skin Conditions

Halotherapy improves skin conditions – (halos in Greek means Salt and Halotherapy refers to salt therapy). Himalayan pink salt has natural moisturizing properties and attracts moisture to the skin. The pure minerals are necessary for detoxification and are known for improving skin ailments such as rashes, eczema, acne, and psoriasis. However, since salt is antimicrobial and disinfectant, bathing in salt water is more efficient to cure these skin conditions. The Halotherapy concept is in use at the salt caves or rooms in North America and Europe.

4. Multipurpose (Hot and Cold Therapy)

One of the benefits of heating pad is that it is multi-purpose. The Salt pad is easy to use, and unlike other electric pads, it can also be used for cold therapies. The versatile heat pad is warmed in a microwave for warm body treatment or simply put in a freezer to use as an ice pad for cold treatment. One should know when to use a heat or ice for pain. A cold pad is good to slow the blood flow and reduce swelling, while a hot pad reduces a muscle stiffness and boost blood flow to the injured area.

5. Mobility

The Microwavable salt pad is more convenient and mobile in comparison to other electric pads. Users are not bound to stay in the same place close to the socket or deal with any tangled wires which can get annoying at times. The cordless warming pad is suitable for busy people especially for women working around a home or using in a car commuting around. Typically, one can use the salt pad whenever they have access to a microwave.

6. Durability

The salt pad is designed to hold the warmth for a longer time and reused with an extra short warming session in a microwave, the heat pad is warm and functioning again. The salt crystal in a pack does not dissolve with the
warm temperature and in fact keeps its healing properties intact for a long time.

7. Safety and Flexibility

The hot pack covered with a 100% cotton cover protects the skin and prevents burns and other heat-related injuries. Due to its flexible design, it sets comfortably onto any body part and can be used at home, in a car or sitting in an office.

8. Improving Health Conditions

  • Lower back pain– the flexible pad can wrap around the back to relax the muscles and soothe the pain.
  • Arthritis pain- The warmth enters deep into the skin relaxing sore joints caused by arthritis and
    stimulate blood flow to promote pain relief.
  • Shoulder and neck pain – The heat from the pack increase the blood flow to the painful muscles area
    and ease the hurt.
  • Menstrual cramps – placing a hot pack on the lower abdomen calm the muscles that cause cramps.
  • Migraines and headaches – Wrap the hot pad around the neck for relieving pain in tensed muscle
    causing a tension headache. On the other hand, applying cold pack is proved to be better for
  • Earache – A warm compress from a hot pad on a sore ear can bring immediate relief. Using moist heat around the ear is proved to be a more comforting form of heat treatment.

9. Infrared Heat Rays

Unlike electronic pads which emit electromagnetic radiations and positive ions that are known to be bad for a human body. The salt crystals deliver a deep warmth (infrared rays) to the bones and create a soothing effect without any risk to the skin. The far infrared heating pad benefits include a deep heat into the skin and long-term pain relief. The natural salt crystals hold the temperatures evenly for a longer time, and with the infrared radiation from the microwave, the pad gets warm in less than two minutes and utilized for 35 minutes and above. The heat wrap gets warm by absorbing the heat energy generated in the microwave, and one of the infrared advantages is the ability of a pad getting warm faster than other heat radiations.

10. Alternative medicine

Last but not least, one of the benefits of heating pad is also turning to heat therapy for long-term pain relief once the pain is not recoverable with medicine anymore. Alternate medication or treatment refers to the ancient traditional treatment that has not been medically proven. However, it has been in use, and everyone has a different experience around it. Almost about 40% of adults within the USA uses some form of alternative medicine, and heat therapy is one of the most popular among them. The use of a heat wrap is common, therefore, many who likes to avoid medical treatment and wish to allow their body to recover on its own with the help of natural or alternative therapies.


1. What are benefits of heating pad on stomach?

Placing a salt pad directly on stomach helps to relax the abdominal muscles that are causing pain. Abdominal pain range from menstrual cramp, constipation, and other general aches. Application of heat on stomach boosts the blow flow to the hurting muscles in the uterus during the menstrual cycle and reduce the cramp.

2. What is moist heat?

Moist heat is the opposite of dry heat, where warm temperature enters deeper into the skin layer and activate heat receptors in the skin. Moist heat has better results in curing the body pain symptoms. It leaves the skin hydrated and utilized as a long-term treatment.


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