Leg Pain During Pregnancy

How to Deal with Leg Pain During Pregnancy

It is not very surprising or strange for pregnant women to experience leg spasms during their pregnancy. It is mostly very common in the third trimester of pregnancy where the growing weight of the baby adds additional pressure on the nerves and cause discomfort.Table of content:1. What causes leg pain during pregnancy 2. How do...
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Exhibition from the the whole life expo 2016

Exhibition From The THE WHOLE LIFE EXPO 2016

La Naturess Whole Life Expo 2016 Updates Whole Life Expo 2016 are Canada’s largest showcase of natural health, alternative medicine, and green living. With 80+ speakers and over 200+ exhibitors, Whole Life Expo brings you a wonderful array of natural health products and services gathered under one roof for 3 days. Day 1   Day…

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