Can we ask for darker and lighter color lamps?

Yes, you can select size from the website, and in instructions, you can mention about your choice of shade so we can make sure what you want.

Is the cord CSA certified?

Our Himalayan salt lamp cords are high quality, and all their components are CSA or UL approved.

Do you ship large size salt lamps too?

We ship all the sizes of salt lamps all over North America.

Does size of salt lamps matters?

Small sizes are suitable for a bedroom but still, if you use big sizes you can take more benefit, and you can use high watts of a bulb in big size lamps which get warmer fast.

Is Himalayan salt lamps safe for pets?

Himalayan salt lamps are safe for pets, animals also require salt so usually they lick human body or soil for their body requirement, but if you keep a salt lamp in your house, they lick salt lamps as per their body requirement.