Blue Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Blue Himalayan Salt Lamp is the same rock salt that comes in natural white color with a lower concentration of minerals. However, it has the same healing properties and releases negative ions to cleanse the air. The blue color of the salt lamp is due to a blue bulb and it can be changed to any color.

Blue salt lamps are known for its beautiful white color and the versatility of having it in different colors. When the rock salt gets warm, it emits the negative ions that refreshes the air and reduces allergies.


Item Weight 3 Kg
Parcel Dimensions 22.9 x 15.2 x 15.2 cm
Color Blue
Style White Lamp
Material Himalayan Salt Crystal
Pattern Rough Natural Patterns
Shape Natural Rock
Power Source corded-electric
Usage Indoors only


Blue Himalayan Salt Lamp

The blue Himalayan salt lamp is exactly the same Himalayan pink salt with healing properties. One one of the major reasons for its white color is due to the limited presence of minerals in comparison to pink salt. They still have the same 84+ minerals and has the same health benefits.  There are many misunderstandings in regards to different colors of salt lamps, it is usually mistaken that rock salt comes in different shades of blue, yellow, purple and etc. While the only color of the Himalayan salt lamps is pink and white. The blue color of a salt lamp is due to the blue color bulb and likewise with other colors.

Some of the blue Himalayan salt lamp benefits are as follows:

  1. soothing color
  2. calms anxiety
  3. reduces allergies
  4. relief for sinus and migraine
  5. reduce static electricity
  6. increase energy levels
  7. helps with snoring and coughing
  8. dissolve mucus

Use of the Blue Himalayan Salt Lamp in Color Therapy:

Majority of people prefer a different color of a salt lamp for light therapy purposes. Light therapy which is also called chromotherapy affects the electromagnetic circuitry of the human system. Each color involves a different vibration and sources say the application of blue color vibrations aid with insomnia and relax the body. According to Dr. Edwin Babbitt, in his classic, “The Principles of Light and Color,” says that “The Blue Ray is one of the greatest antiseptics in the world.”. Furthermore, he referred to the blue color to be a soothing, calm, electric color that contains higher vibrations and energy.
The blue color is known to help with seasonal depression which is also referred to as the “winter blues”, and in addition, it can treat certain skin conditions and cancer. The blue salt lamp can be used for the blue light therapy or color healing.

The blue color is related to the Throat chakra, and it is believed to have physical, spiritual and emotional healing properties.


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