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The blue Lapis Lazuli perfume bottle is from Lapis gemstone that comes from Afghanistan in the best quality and is also known as the “king of the stone”. Lapis Lazuli perfume bottle has a beautiful shiny blue color, and with a combination of different essential oils, it creates an energy field. It enhances the throat chakra and our sensitivity to energy fields around us, which helps to increase wisdom, meditation and the ability of self-healing. Lapis Lazuli also comes in small sizes as pendants.


Type:                    Perfume Bottle
Material type:     925 Sterling Silver
Plating:                Silver
Main Stone:        Lapis Lazuli
Chain stone:       Lapis Lazuli beads
Chain Weight:    4.5 g
Size:                      (5 x 3.2 x 1) cm
Stone Grade:       Grade A
Weight:                 22 g


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