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The bottle pendant is made of Malachite and is used as an essential oil or perfume bottle.  This stone name comes from the Greek word for its color, malache (mallow). This beautiful Malachite Pendant together with the fragrance of different essential oils increases vitality,  leadership, creativity, confidence, protection and a healed heart. It spiritually facilitates psychic protection and brings self-confidence.  It makes a perfect gift for any occasion and is a unique on its own.


Type:                    Perfume Bottle
Plating:                Silver
Main Stone:        Malachite
Size:                      (2.4 x 1.7 x 0.9) cm
Stone Grade:       Grade A
Weight:                 7.2 g
Weight of chain:  3.5 g
Chain:                    Silver and Pearl
Size of Chain:       16″ /3 mm


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