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The beautiful Rhodocrosite pendant is a stone of love which is known for its emotional healing. It is used as an essential oil or perfume bottle to support self-healing, self-forgiveness and self-love compassion. Rhodocrosite harmonizes with the heart stones including Rose Quartz. This pendant chain is made of Rose Quartz and it is a stone that is a symbol of love, sincerity, and attraction which is also known as women’s “Love Stone”. This beautiful rose quartz pendant is used with the different fragrance of essential oils which encourages love, gentleness, emotional healing, the release of stress and uniting with the divine. This stone is used for heart chakra and supports the heart in healing from trauma and/ or disease.


Type:                    Pendant necklace
Material type:     925 Sterling Silver
Plating:                Gold
Chain:                  Silver and Rose Quartz
Main Stone:        Rhodocrosite
Size:                      (2.4 x 1.8 x 0.95) cm
Stone Grade:       Grade A
Weight:                 4.8 g


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