Himalayan Salt Block

The Himalayan salt block is a wellspring of regular salt stores from the Himalayas, which incorporates 84+ hints of minerals with a crystalline arrangement that adds flavour to a wide range of nourishments. The salt plate is another thought for cooking which can be warmed or chilled to extraordinary temperatures. You can heat the salt block to flame broil meat, vegetables, fish, and eggs or use it as serving platters for sushi, appetizers, cheese, fresh fruits, and frozen desserts. Be that as it may, a salt slab is acclaimed as the grill obstruct since it includes a one of a kind salt substance top and base layer of your steak while keeping it soggy from inside.

Himalayan salt block aids with low sodium diets, adds healthy minerals to your food while cooking and retains hot or cold temperatures evenly. Salt block is easy to clean after using simply with a wet cloth or paper towel, and it needs to be stored in a dry place. 

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