About us

Hello and Welcome to La Naturess. My name is Tanya, I am an introvert Aquarius who loves to explore the world. Mama of two beautiful furry babies, my cats (Lilly and Midnight). I am the owner of La Naturess brand, a store where you will find high quality crystals with most affordable prices in Canada. I did not choose the crystal business, but this business chose me! Let me Explain..

I have a background in IT security and Management, but I have always been a creative person closer to nature and arts. Loved talking to people and creating content over different aspects of life. I knew I was not going to be in the IT field working 9-5 Jobs before I even graduate. 

The very first rock I ever held and was curious about as a kid is Lapis Lazuli. My origins are from Afghanistan so it was quite normal to be growing up surrounded with Lapis Lazuli artifacts around your house. We had Lapis Lazuli vases, Jewelry Boxes, Bangles, Mosaics, and home decor artifacts around the house. 

I wanted a side job so I started working with projects that made tiles, swimming pools, countertops with gemstones. While working for this company, I had the opportunity to work on some huge water jet machines, cut tiles and handmade mosaics with gemstone slices. I have also exhibited those projects in several gem shows like Tuscan/Denver Show, around USA, which gave me a huge exposure to the crystal world. This is one of the reasons, I am able to work closely with my suppliers and ethically source these crystals. 

When Covid hit and everything was under lockdown. I wanted to start my own business with crystals to keep me sane and motivated in life. Little did I know, it is going to grow into this beautiful supportive community over instagram. 

I am still a learner of crystals and there is no end to it. Taking this journey one step at a time and hoping to inspire others to find their passion. We would love to share our knowledge and experience with you. 

We chat and connect with our customers during our Live Sales on our Instagram handle, so Don't forget to follows us on Instagram @la_naturess

See you there! 

~ Tanya ~